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I want my GPS!

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I am new to the forums, here, but I just recently purchased a very sexy Pontiac G6. I think this is the forth Pontiac I've owned.

Anyway, it was a demonstrator car so I could not order the factory GPS.

I would like to replace my factory radio with an in-console, touch screen Radio/GPS, without losing ANY other features such as the Driver info (Trip, Oil life, tire pressure, etc..). ON-star, XM, steering wheel controls... The only think I really don't care about is the 6-CD changer. (I have an ipod and an iphone.) As long as I have a single CD, I'm happy.

Can anyone recommend a solution?

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wow there buddy ... i would not recommend doing that because the cd player in the GM vehicles plays an important role because a lot of operations and commands go through it ... replacing it with something more advanced might get a little pricey ...
What I did was put my Garmin in the top right corner of the windshield, then i routed the cable inside my A frame down behind and under the dash, then behind the stereo and climate controls (removing the panels where the fuse panels and stuff are theres a little narrow hole where the foam is, then back up and around the passenger side to the 12V outlet with only about 3-4 inches of cord showing. I used a car accessory extension cord from Radio Shack (PLU 27-1557). It is really nice because theres a toggle switch right on the plug itself since the outlet is always powered.
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