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im installing turbo on monday

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Whatz sup guys! im getting my t4 turbo kit on monday and install but 1 problem! i need to find a tuner that can program my car to run turbo! now i see the diablo predator dosent have the tune for my car! and i heard about hptuner! so i wanted to find out can hptuner program my car for turbo????please i need help!!! i will send pictures when its done!!! thank alot
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For my trannyeim upgrading to a level 10 at4060 which can hold up to 800 hp! and yeah but you gonna have to wait for monday!!! so after its install i can show yall guys!!! It sjust im looking for a tune cause without the tune make no sense installing the kit and doing the tranny this monday!!

Sorry for the delay guys! well i got a problem right now! i have to find the fuel pump and fuel injectors for the car! the mechinc says!and he have to do some study on how to tune my car!! he says the only people that ever did a pontiac g6 and it was a 2.4l pontiac g6 was sts turbo!!!! so now i gotta get a performace fuel pump and injectors! after that im all set!! here is the website i was looking at for the fuel and injectors!


im going to give them a call and ask them about this fuel pump and will it work in the pontiac g6 3.5liter engine..Honestly alot of people say its hard to find parts cause these cars isnt on demand! but i got the custom pistons and rods and valve body and on from here! cost me about $2,500 and is install and cost me 1,500 to rebuild the moter!

http://www.importperformanceparts.net::they make custom for our cars yay!!! so fat my engine cause handle up to 25 pounds of boost! my car is at the shop getting the level 10 transmission!!! which can handle up to 60 psi for 2800, plus 400 to remove and install!!! so its ocming along great!! go to the websites and do some work!!! cause all the people that say they install turbo its impossible to do that and they didnt even work on the engine and tranny! and cutting the firewall of the engine bay and making more room!
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Ok a level 10 transmission is a performace transmission they gut out your tranny adn replace adn rework the valve body,gears,clutches, and etc a complete overhual!!!! they are shipping tranny to new jersery! here is thier website! http://www.importperformancetrans.com/chryslerautofwd.shtml

Now for the guy name solidhadriel ! just cause i spell motor wrong dont meant dont meant i work at burger king! and no my family isnt rich! dr i wish! but im a computer programmer and computer tech! i own 3 stores! in brooklyn, name crazy pc repairs! look it up, we are well known! now back to the g6 lol

go to the website and read about it! thier are the only ones that can rework our trannys!!!!

And yes i have to rebuild my moter to install my pistons,connection rods,camshaft,engine gears, and power seal kit to my car!! please not i just want my car to do 20 pounds of boost! thatz all that will give my car 400 hp!!! ok and yes im going to get a stronger axel for my drivetrain!

P.s solidhadriel your not familiar with tranny!:D

Pictures coming doon!!!
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And I assume your doing all of this on your AWD G6? :eek:

Still, explain the part where rebuilding your motor comes in? Do you even know what your talking about? :p

Oh, I'm a computer programmer as well. You must program great, considering how well you type. :rolleyes:

Well get some pics up, and I'll stop harrassing you. If you are doing all of this. :eek:
Omg! drrrrrrr Rebuilding the motor with performance Rods and pistons So the engine won't blow......you cant just install pistons and rods without rebuilding the motor can you??? and no g6 dont come awd it all comes in fwd!!! the harrassing part i dont car! lol all im doing to posting that im installing turbo on my car! and if it works out right then yay!!!! building cars is my hobby! i have 2 cars pontiac firebird 5.7 v8 twin turbo set up with t25 turbo system and a grand nat 1978 3.8 L Turbocharged V-6 engine with a replace ment of bigboy supercharger so making a g6 turbo up shouldnt be a big problem! its just hard to find a tuner!!!!! thats all !! So honestly im doing this for fun!!! not for track or racing just to make more power!!! and ontop of that it would be a cool sleeper car!!! :)
Well first of all witht he pictures! i cant show cause i dont even have my car its at the shop! second i have to wait to get my car back to take pictures! and on top of that! you can post the bs flag cause this post just started cause i wanted to see if the hp tuner can flash my car to read boost! so honestly yall shouldnt be demending anything! a pontiac g6 installing turbo isnt easy! its laot of work that takes between 2 to 4 weeks to install, test , and make sure everything is set! when its done i can give out pictures, and even videos! im still wiaitnf or my fuel pump and injectors! and praying to god i dont need new fuely heads!!! So please relax and wait till i get my car back! its a big project and if i can make my car handle 30 psi then im in business!!!

PS to everyone:Remember i never wanted to show off or give out information what im doing!!! just ask if hp tuner can flash my car to read boost!!!!now if people gonna get all hung and crazy then im going to stop posting and post somewhere else ok! thank you!!!!!!!!!!:cool:
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Really man? How hard is it to go to the shop and snap a couple pics? You seem to be buddies with the guy... What's he gonna do, kick you out? Its your car so you should be able to go in there and show us progress. Some of us may want to do the same thing.

Hear me on this, on this site or any other site, people are going to want proof and pics. Doesnt matter if you go to another site or not, they will demand pics also. So NO PICS=NO PROOF!

No pics tells us your not doing what you say you are doing.

And one more thing. If you're a computer programmer, (which im sure you need some college education) why is it so hard to spell correctly? My speeling is straight out of high school with no college. I may work a KFC, but i sure as hell am educated enough to spell correctly. Try using the spell check before posting too.

Il try to get my spelling on work! and no i didnt go to college for it! it was taught by a friend of minds! so i do side jobs for a living! and pretty much it has been working for 6 years! And so far as for pictures i understand waht your saying! but honestly the shop that my car is in is to far from me just go go and take pictures! and on the flip side i got work from 8 to night so its hard for me to just go to another state and take pictures of my car engine! what i can do it is show you the parts remove from my engine and the turbo kit install and the firewall back of the engine block remove!. and videos how the car handle with turbo running 10 psi of boost! dyno sheets and so on! but like the tranny parts and engine im not going to be able im sorry! you will have to believe me! i have read other people that claim they install turbo and so on and didnt provide pictures and so on! and they claim the tranny or the engine and handle it! well i dunno how many psi they have for that to be true but ya!!!!this car is very stressful cause theirs alot of looking anf custom work that have to be done!!! no one in new york can do it! but in new jersery by route 10 of wayne nj say they can do it! so i dont have a ride to take me over thier! right now! but i will take a taxi over their to get my car!!!!! so please relax and just wait! and my spelling isnt perfect! what can i say!! anyway if your willing to wait that will be great! if not then what can i say! as long i get my car done yay!!! and if this work out then il provide everyone with every detail with picture what to do! websites and custom parts phone numbers!!!! but right now im waitng my fuel pump and fuel injectors!!! to be ship to the garage!! i hope you understand and sorry if i got angry that was dumb of me it just the last thing i need is people saying bs and im really getting it done was i post!
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