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im installing turbo on monday

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Whatz sup guys! im getting my t4 turbo kit on monday and install but 1 problem! i need to find a tuner that can program my car to run turbo! now i see the diablo predator dosent have the tune for my car! and i heard about hptuner! so i wanted to find out can hptuner program my car for turbo????please i need help!!! i will send pictures when its done!!! thank alot
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Not sure about the tune but if could, can you post pics of your progress? What are you planning on doing for the tranny?
Dude, my grandma drives a Grand Prix GTP. LOL.
Yup yup lol. Most of the time i see a GP some old dude or lady is puttn around in it lol
What was that turning red under the car? Exhaust pipe? Cant really tell since the motor is right above. Awesome car!
Is it me or is this guy actually going to turbo his car? The first die hard G6er to add a blower successfully?? Im anxious! Tell your mechanic to hurry the hell up lol!

DONT FORGET TO POST PICS OF YOUR PROGRESS! (I wanna see that motor in pieces!)

Also, even if you have to drive a 1,000 miles to tune your car do it!!!!!!!

And dont forget to show us the dyno lol.
LOL I have a bridge for sale..
How much?

Mr. Swat, Do you have pictures of your engine in pieces? I want to see and so do the others.

Im going fly the BS flag unless i see some pics.

Turbo+G6= Not hapnin
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PS to everyone:Remember i never wanted to show off or give out information what im doing!!!
Really man? How hard is it to go to the shop and snap a couple pics? You seem to be buddies with the guy... What's he gonna do, kick you out? Its your car so you should be able to go in there and show us progress. Some of us may want to do the same thing.

Hear me on this, on this site or any other site, people are going to want proof and pics. Doesnt matter if you go to another site or not, they will demand pics also. So NO PICS=NO PROOF!

No pics tells us your not doing what you say you are doing.

And one more thing. If you're a computer programmer, (which im sure you need some college education) why is it so hard to spell correctly? My speeling is straight out of high school with no college. I may work a KFC, but i sure as hell am educated enough to spell correctly. Try using the spell check before posting too.
Alrighty then. I'll be waitn. I have found it much easier to post a thread about a mod AFTER its done. More people will be interested when a modification is done and has pics of it so they will comment on it.

Advise for you, dont post anymore on this thread cuz until you have it done people will keep posting BS comments. Ask one of the mods (pm one of them) to close it if you want it to stop. (i been there done that trying to supercharge my 6 but i found out it would cost me a fortune) Here is that thread: (i edited out most of my posts. Now read the thread and see the shit i had to deal with) http://www.g6ownersclub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4422&highlight=supercharger

People on here posted much worse shit on my thread cuz i didnt have any proof and i didnt have much experience with these cars. The posts in my thread were all based on what my mechanic told me which he was full of shit so it made me look like an idiot. (i posted before i had it s/c w/ no pics just like you)

Once your car is turboed, repost a new thread with your pics and vids and dyno sheets. Then people will love to post comments about it w/o being a-holes.

IMO, it would be much easier to repost once your done with the turbo and ask the mods to close this thread.
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