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im installing turbo on monday

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Whatz sup guys! im getting my t4 turbo kit on monday and install but 1 problem! i need to find a tuner that can program my car to run turbo! now i see the diablo predator dosent have the tune for my car! and i heard about hptuner! so i wanted to find out can hptuner program my car for turbo????please i need help!!! i will send pictures when its done!!! thank alot
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You will find they do not support the G6 platform.
There are only 3, in my 5 yrs of experience with this car, that
do tunes for the G6.

Westers is up in Canada, Vector and the last is Chris White.

They will need your car to tune it. HPTuners does not support it. Chris wrote the tune for Vector so go to the source. He is on here at GTPPrix. Contact him and take your car to him with lots of cash and Ill bet he would be glad to help you.

No one else does it. Do like MJ says and go to your local places like that and listen to them laugh at you. Try it and if they say they will then post up when they do because not only will they get no help from the software people (its now unsupported remember) so they will be navigating tretcherous ground blind. I recommend you have the car tuned by people with experience tuning the G6.

I wish you luck as once people find the only way to tune it is HP and that HP doesnt support the G6 anymore then your screwed outside of the 3 who have navigated these waters back when it was supported.

Chris is also the least expensive but you will have to take him your car. Lots of time, expense and quite a PITA when you can go turbo a different car for 1/2 the hastle.

Hense....no turbo for the G6.

Dont believe me?? Go to the source and ask them: http://www.hptuners.com/forum/

I already did and Im sharing that knowledge with you now free of charge.

These guys are in Madison WI and they do G6 tunes on LZ9. $800 and takes 2 days. They also said they can turbo charge it. To too sure if they ever have done a turbo before but that is what they said.

They suggested a E85 tune to gain more power. Apparently they can install a switch to run 93 or E85.
I know that place.....
I live in norther IL north of Rockford.

Never heard of that place you mentioned.

Is there a problem with the one I had quoted?
Fair enough I never really liked him any way. haha Ok so to address an issue I've had with my G6 and I wonder if any body else has this problem... my stock routers on both of my G6's 06 and 08 have needed to be turned by 22k I ended up just switchin them out the second time they started to studder. anyone else have that same issue
Yes, I had same problem. But I have had the same problems with other auto manufactures. When my rotors started to warp and cause vibrations I just swapped them out with R1 concepts premium rotors, Lampoon turned me on to them. I used Napa premium ceramic breaks. they work like a charm and I have had a few severe breaking conditions at high speeds due to deer and they never even hinted that they warped.

It seems that US auto manufactures use the cheapest rotors manufactures that they can find from China, Mexico or where ever. Even when you buy from a parts store you have to be careful. Not sure where the R1 concepts are made but they are drilled and slotted so they will run cooler.

Yeah for the amount money there charging I would go to the best, and if you used that link to find dyno shops you would have found them...

If you don't know who ams you must be living under a rock they are the small engine tuner in the Midwest, probably one of the best Evo tuners in the world.... and not only do they tune cars...They make parts for them

Yeha when i was looking at tuner i though about that palce on in Wi but umm yeah but they didn't have much of a track record.....


I used a link from long time ago don't remember who posted it though. The one in WI is closer to me. I don't know any history about the place I mentioned or the one you did, I am just exploring options. All I know is what I am told by the shops. Kurgan Motors does tunes but they never performed one on a G6 or the LZ9 engine. He was not interested as he does big name racers and doesn't have time. The one I did mention said they have experience with the LZ9 platform...I agree with what Lampoon said that it's best to find some one with experience with the specific platform that one has.

All piston driven internal combustion engines basically work the same. However the parameters and efficiencies they attain and require are vastly different. Even the exact same engine will have slight differences and must be tuned accordingly. The off the shelf tunes for cars seem to be just that "off the shelf". No to say an off the shelf tune is bad as it is not but to get the optimum performance one must dyno an record performance for parameter changes. Just like getting a new high performance carb you would still have to tune it for that specific engine. If you swap it out to another with same engine it still would need to be tuned for optimum performance.

I don't have allot of time to do research as I am busy building and tuning 20,000 HP jet engines. So sorry if it seems I live under a rock.
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6 of one half dozen of the other. I hate Driving towards Chicago...it sucks.

Thanks for the info I will check them out
If one is using forced induction the compression would have to be dropped to get the best performance and to be safe and streetable. A tune would compensate via timing with forced induction and higher compression so one could get away with it but not run high boost.

3.6L is 10.2:1

3.5L is 9.8:1

3.9L is 9.8:1

If one does run a high boost and a higher compression, bad things can happen. Blown head gaskets, cracked pistons, bent rods, blown rings, warped/cracked head...ect

I was looking into getting a turbo but I don't think that its worth the money to invest in it and the headache that goes along with it. Someone said that there is not allot of demand for hot rod stuff for the G6 and this is true. For the most part people are fabricating stuff themselves and or selling it on mediums like this forum. So...I am just doing the basic stuff, CAI, I like the stock rims but I am looking, Looking for a tune and I have a custom true duel exhaust. Was thinking about buying a second 3.9L and rebuilding it, porting the heads different rocker ratios and heavy springs, gasket matching, lighten and balance the rotating assembly, lighten and balance fly wheel, fluid damper, better injectors..ect All this stuff is easy to do and smart when rebuilding. May be able to get a few extra HP and torque but the main thing is the fact that the HP and torque curve will be at higher RPM. with a 3.90 inch stroke and 3.31 bore ( which would be bigger if rebuilt) This engine should take some serious RPM. But this is all a dream...don't have the time to mess with it. Don't really trust having some one do it for me unless I am involved and I am not going to pay some flash race engine builder $15k to do it.

At the end of the day it comes down to this. If I really wanted to make a monster, I would buy a V8 car or a big V6 whereby there is allot of aftermarket stuff for.

As for my G6, It's an 06 GTP coupe with 3.9L HO and manual tranny. Very few of those cars were made. Pontiac is no longer, who knows what it will be worth in 20 years. I like it, chick dig it so I'll keep it.
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This is true, I bet my canned tunes make more power than 90% of the dyno tunes you'll find being recommended here I mean hennessy seriously?! The guy has more lawsuits than he does customers now hes a crook LOL

Plus quite a few of the G6's controllers arent even supported by any commercial tuning software to boot.
That seems to be a big problem, the tuner places don't have the tuning software that supports G6 platforms. I am still looking at my options. It seems many people are happy with your tune and I don't have allot of time to make a career out of tricking my car out.

I have contacted you before and I think you said a gain of 15 -20 HP but don't quote me on that I have contacted several people.

I don't want to have to send my ECM to you so I would have to buy another and send it in. I may wait until snow hits, will take the G6 off the road.
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