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Installing an aftermarket radio...

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So a little over a year ago, my friend and I installed an aftermarket radio in my 06 G6 GT with the monsoon system in it.

After finding the radio I wanted, we went to a local sound shop to get the wiring harness and the piece that goes in to fit your regular stereo size (forget the name.)

While there, we were told that I had to buy a $200 adapter to complete the circuit for the warning lights and sounds.

Since then i had to sell my radio and parts, and I forget what the name of that adapter is.

Does anyone know the name of this? Or if I even need it?


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I think that is the casing you put in to replace the gap of the old stereo and new aftermarket stereo isn't it?

I'm talking about a little black box you plug in to stop the warning lights and sounds from going off endlessly.
PAC GM Radio Integration Adapter
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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