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I got an e-mail from Jon Bobroff with The Other Guys Performance Products, asking if there is enough interest within the G6 community to start R&D on headers for the G6.

According to Jon, The headers would be similar in design to the 3.4\3.8L headers which include the following:
  • 14 gauge mild steel
  • 1/2" thick flanges
  • 1 1/2" or 1 5/8 Primaries
  • Electroless nickel and High Polish silver Ceramic coatings
  • No-fault Lifetime warranty
  • Provisions for O2 sensor and extended harness
  • All necessary installation hardware
  • Installation Instructions
The headers would retail for about $699.99 for the electroless nickel and $824.99 for the Silver ceramic coated headers.

If there is enough interest amung the community, they may very well produce the headers. Be sure to check them out here: http://www.gtpse.com/tog/

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To me that sounds like a lot of work!! I am more interested in the easy stuff, like air filters, reprogram kits ect. I already have a race car, I don't think I would want to modify that much. The other stuff you can change back to stock easily.
If I were to purchase I would want to the ground horsepower and torque numbers from a dyno before and after.
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