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Interest: Strut Tower Bar

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I saw that g6performance got a group buy for this before and i would like for it to happen for us on g6oc!
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you would have to get a hold of the manufacturer/supplier and see if they would be willing to give us a price break first. and I doubt GM would so you would have to contact racingline.
definitely interested in a group buy for the racingline stb
Yeah g6performance got the racingline strut bars, im not sure on what price they got but its worth a shot or maybe they would do a combo deal for the mmis and bar both for 135 or something idk lol, i was seeking help on contacting them, so anyone wanna help?
just email or call?
I emailed Racingline about a group buy price on the strut bar. Waiting for reply.
I emailed them at 330 no response yet
got both already. very cheap
I thought you were sellin those dav3?
keepin da car now :) still gona sell my stock parts. been laaazzyyyy to get shipping quote s:(
What stock parts you have available lol?
I am in for a STB group buy.
Waiting for email responsee!
I am in! I was going to buy one soon anyway!

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Depending on when i get payed i would probably be in
How many people do we need and how much will it cost?
I'm in. I wouldn't mind having the MMI's either!

1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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