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Interior lights wont come on when door is opened

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This is annoying, especially at night. When I open my door, or any door for that matter, the interior lights do not come on. I have to manually turn them on myself. I noticed there is a little switch u can move back and forth on one of the lights, and i messed around with that and it still didnt help. Anyone know how I can fix this? could it be a fuse or something?
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Yeah i have that same issue!
I just bought my 06 GTP and i swear the first night i had it the lights came on but im not possitive, i think i might have turned them off but have no idea how?? hopefully someone can shine some light on the subject.
i had the same problem with mine too. What i did was flip the switch to the middle, i had mine on off the whole time and didnt even know.

If that doesnt work, there should settings you can mess with from the radio.
omg ... are you people kidding me?

the light regulator is on the roof in the middle ... there's 3 possitions ... 1 off , 2 on when door opens, 3 on all the time (but it'll turn off after like 10 minutes if you forget to turn it off)
i dont see aything on my roof for buttons, except the sunroof buttom?? same on coupe and sedan?
It should be man. I have the coupe and my interior lights are in the back inbetween the driver and passenger
Ohhhhh duh. In the back, i never look back there lol. wow
My problem is with mine that the switch isnt catching the contacts even though its sliding back and forth, i have to put pressure on it to get it to make contact, but they dont stay in contact after i let off, what should i do?
Probably just an electrical problem. Take it to the dealer dude
It's a design flaw and this problem is not uncommon. I always have to wiggle the switch in order to get a good contact for the dome light to come in. This is my second switch so I will have to learn to live with it. It's a nuisance but not a major problem as I am used to it now.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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