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interior trim pieces

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Has anyone ever removed the interior trim pieces (around the doors, sills)?
If so how do they come off?
I am running a sirius antenna from the trunk area to the dash and cannot figure out how the trim parts come off. Thanks for any help
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Nope, i'm always afraid that i'll rip something, or that it won't go back on!
nevermind..... I figured it out. :) If you need to run a wire from the trunk to the front of the car through the interior, there is a grommet that wires run through. i am using that to put the wire into the interior. The rear seats have an extention part on each side. If you wiggle it it pops loose then you lift up on it. The top part of it has a clip that goes through the frame on the rear seats. I used a pair of pliars to release it. With that out of the way there are 2 push pins holding the molding in place, pop those out and wiggle the molding loose of 2 clamps. All of the trim is held by the same clips, be careful and patient and wiggle them loose. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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