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Glad to see Im not the only one experiencing problems with GM's poor quality drive train. I have an '05 and brought it into the dealer just before the warranty expired, because it was starting to make noise, I told them I thought it was the wheel bearings starting to go, the mechanic and the manager said no, its the tires, they need to be replaced. Well, after a longer time then I should have waited, I replaced the tires and low and behold the sound was louder and the part was well out of warranty. Asked my mechanic friend to look at it, he said both of the front wheel bearings were shot. Replaced them both on my dime cus GM wouldn't pony up to bad mechanics. Now, the left front half shaft is gone and that needs replaced. Wonder how long I have until I have another drive train problem?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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