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Fusion said:
I was thinking about buying the Belkin FM Transmitter, but i don't know about it now. What problems do you have with yours Redsun_ty?
What is the problem u ask well lots of problems! I live in Toronto which is a urban city with a lot of tall buildings stuff like that it seems the i always get static once i goto the highways and plus regular road too. Probably the FM transmitter has a weak signal i don't know about the Itrip one! Correct me if I'm wrong alot these FM Transmitter are so weak.

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I have an Ipod mini too and i use the Griffen iTrip and its worked really well for me, but my friend's did not work at all. so, she went to return it and they wouldn't give her her money back because they said only about 50% of them work satisfactory and she should have got the Belkin, so i guess i was just lucky to get a good one. although, it does have its bad moments, especially when i first purchased it. as for the Belkin one, i have never used it, but it is more money and has a better satisfactory rate. a lot of the transmitters are touchy, and i guess the only way to get a sure fire one is to haul out the big bucks.

there is also the cassette adaptor if you have a cassette player in your G6, unlike us, but i don't know how it works or how much it costs, i would assume it would function fine because there is no transmitter, just mp3 to cassette and i don't think it costs all that much.

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I have two good friends with the Griffin iTrip and it works perfectly for them. I'm not really sure how they work but I guess sometimes you will start to get static on a certain frequency and you just change the frequency on the iTrip and it will solve the problem.

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has anyone found a way to wire the ipod into the stereo. If the amp is similar to after market amps then could I use the left\right inputs there to hook up the ipod? I don't want to use FM transmitter, but thats the only solution people seem to offer. Any other suggestions.

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I just installed a Peripheral iPod2Car in my GTP. I had XM so I guess that's why it was possible. I get good sound, but I can't control the iPod from the stereo, but it's still better than a modulator,

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Happy to report iConnect is installed and functional. I still feel that the software that interfaces with the XM tuner needs further revision. On occasion (over the entire 3 day weekend it happened 3 times) the radio seems to stop receiving track, artist, and album information from the iPOD. This also seemed to impact data being received from XM channels and CD's as well. The first time powering off the radio and back on cleared the issue, the second time I reset all of the cables going into the iConnect...other than that, works as advertised.

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Here is what I use in my G6 easy to install and works better then FM transmitters.


FEATURES- Drive and Play iPod Vehicle Interface and Controller
Your car is a great place to listen to music. And the Apple iPod
is a great way to bring your favorite tunes along for the ride.
But how can you access your songs and playlists without taking
your eyes off the road?
Drive + Play from Harman Kardon offers all the music-browsing
capability of the iPod itself, and can be used with any car audio
system. Browse by artist, album, song, genre or composer. Scroll
through your playlists. Jump ahead to the next track, or play the
last one over and over. All from the driver's seat, all without
taking your mind off driving.
Drive + Play puts the familiar iPod menu on a backlit display right
on your car's dashboard or windshield, where you can read it at a
glance. The system is controlled by the most intuitive interface
available, and is as easy to read as your iPod.
* Drive + Play can be connected to your car s audio system three ways:
- 3.5mm Audio line output
- Wired FM transmitter (adapter sold separately, DPFMT 1US)
- Onboard wireless FM transmitter (five preset frequencies, one
selectable frequency).

-- SPECIFICATIONs ------------------------------------
DISPLAY - 128 x 64-Pixel LCD Display With Backlighting
Normal and reverse screen modes
Contrast adjustment
Normal and large text mode
Reversible display
Backlight timer
Universal mounting options
Three-meter cable length
CONTROL BOX - Compatible with most docking iPod units (Including nano and
new iPod).
Universal mounting bracket with mounting hardware
Internal FM transmitter with five preset frequencies, one
user-definable frequency.
Wired FM transmitter jack that can be wired in line with the
vehicle antenna (sold separately).
Analog "audio out" jack with supplied cable
"Aux-In" input jack with audio "auto-sense" feature
CONTROLLER - Multiple mounting options with accessories and hardware
Five-button navigation control
Rotary control knob with lighting
Three-meter cable length
SYSTEM - Integrated control of iPod
User-customized menus
12V cigarette power adapter
Hard wire power harness
Power-down sleep modes
Charges iPod when docked
Intuitive iPod menu navigation
User-definable Jump Size allows quick navigation from A~Z
<a href="http://www.harman-multimedia.com"target="_blank">harman-mm.com</a>
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