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iPod and/or HD Radio Upgrade to 2007 G6 VL

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I have a 2007 G6 Value Leader (aka BASE Model), and I want to hook up my iPod and/or get HD Radio, I was looking at the iCarKits, but my current radio does not have a "SAT", "BAND", "XM" button, so I figure it wont work. I want to maintain the functions that are in the current radio, ie. Oil Life, Trip, MPG, Clock, Lock Settings, etc. From the reading I have done, it looks like my only option is to replace the entire radio with expanded model.

I found some on ebay that have the buttons stated above, and have a 3.5mm jack for iPod, are there other options?

Can a 2008 or 2009 G6 radio go into a 2007 without issues? I saw the newer radios that are blue like other GM cars rather than red.

Will I run into issues because I have the Value Leader model?

Can you swap out everything for a non-GM radio and still have control over the Oil Life, Trip, MPG, Clock, Lock Settings etc.?

Are there other places to get the radio other than eBay?

Does a new Radio need the be activated...?


Thanks for any help.
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I had HD radio before via Direct HD tuner. HD Radio isnt very good and I wouldnt put a priority on it. HD Radio is NOT mandated by the FCC like it was with TV. Therefore HD Radio will die off in the near future. Just a heads up it wont last!

Now Satellite Radio will be sticking around...

As for Ipod controls- I would recommend Parrot Products. I will be going with them.

I MKi9100 is what I will probably end up with- maybe the 9200.


Buy it all here and save!

And best yet... You get Bluetooth hands free... and USB control!
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I would start by pulling your radio out to see if it has the same plugs.
the description says it came out of a G5
screw it get and aftermarket radio with all those addon you might as well
Put basically, you have two options:

Option 1:
Find a used >NON-Monsoon< original head unit (the Monsoon radio needs an external amplifier, so if you bought one you'd have a lot more work to do). You can find them all over eBay, and there are a few auto dismantlers online that sell them as well. It will cost you about $100. You can also buy a new one, and it is also possible to find some reconditioned units.

Next, install the radio in your car and take it to a GM dealership who can program your car to recognize the replacement. Cost will be between $0 and $100.

Buy the aftermarket Aux/iPod/whatever adapter that you want and install it, cost $95 - 150 plus accessories (HD or satellite tuner, etc.).

Option 2:
Buy an aftermarket head unit, cost $50 - 1000.

Buy a Metra or Scosche mounting kit. They have them available with replacements for the Driver Information Center so you can keep those readouts. Cost about $125.

Buy the chime/warning replacement adapter if you want to retain those functions. Cost about $100.

Buy new speakers since your head unit will probably blow the stock ones pretty quickly.

~ MattInSoCal
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