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Well, I went down to the local dealer today and they had one coupe on the lot, a loaded GT. I wanted to drive the GTP, but oh well, they hadn't ordered one yet. Its really not that much different than the sedan in its driving characteristics, the car doesn't seem to have lost any weight along with two doors. The new steering wheel is much nicer than the crappy one most of us got stuck with. The G6 logo in the center console is now a passenger airbag warning light. There are new XM and OnStar antennas, the standalone XM antenna is mounted on the front of the car now, its much smaller than the 05's (coupes and sedans both have this new feature) and if you got both XM and OnStar then you get a single combined antenna at the front of the car. As for the little GM badges, well I guess I could live with them, they are pretty small. Still waiting for the GTP test drive...
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