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I will try to give as much details as possible so hopefully someone can help.
This issue pertains to a 2005 Pontiac G6 GT

This issue started a few months ago. One day I got in my car and I tried to put my driver side window and it only went down half way. It wouldnt go down anymore and it wouldnt go back up. Not only that; but I couldnt use the driver side control panel to open any of the other windows; passenger or back windows. What I would have to do; is turn off my car for about 10 minutes or more then restart it; then I would be able to put my windows back up using the driver side control panel.

I also notice that I couldnt use my remote keyless entry to unlock the car, lock the car, remote start the car, pop the trunk, etc.

Here is where it gets strange. about once of twice a week; everything would start working again. I can use the driver side control panel to lower all the windows and can also use my remote keyless entry to do all of the functions mentioned above. Then usually when it is working; i would be lowering my window and then the same problem would repeat itself; my window would stick halfway as it is going down or up and all the issues mentioned at the beginning of this post would begin to happen.

As time went by; everthing stopped working in regards to the control panel and the keyless entry. It was about 2 to 3 months were my window wouldnt go down and my keyless entry didnt work. Then about a month ago I had to replace my battery (bad fuel cell); and about two days after that my windows would go down, I can use the driver side control panel to control everything, and I could use my keyless entry remote. I thought maybe it was a battery issue that caused everything to stop working; but everything worked for about a day and ever since then; nothing is working; neither the driver side control panel or remote keyless entry. Any suggestions on what the problem could be or how I can try to fix it?
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