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Hello everyone.

I have a 2010 G6 2.4 Flex. It has 140k miles.

Recently, I've developed an oil leak around the oil filter cover. Admittedly, and I know it's not ideal, but I don't have the right size socket to remove and reinstall the cover at the moment, so I've used vice grips/channel locks as gently as I can and this hasn't caused a problem on any past oil changes (yet), but obviously I haven't been able to torque it to the correct spec.

Nevertheless, I noticed yesterday that I could see the o-ring around the oil filter cover was bulging out slightly on one side where the oil leak was.
I figured I must have over-tightened this on my last oil change about 2,500 miles ago, but oddly this didn't seem to an issue until recently.

The old oil filter cover looks fine.
I checked it repeatedly for cracks, but I saw that my local Advance Auto sells replacement covers and had 1 in stock, so I purchased this along with a new filter to change while I was in there.

After picking up the new cover, I noticed something very different.
The old filter cover that was on the car already has a spot for the o-ring to set at the base of the threads, up against the edge of the cover. This cover has never been replaced by me. My father owned this car before me and he never replaced it either. He bought it with 70k miles on it.
The replacement filter cover has a groove that is about 1/8" from the base for the o-ring to sit down into.

The problem is this replacement cover does not fit. It doesn't even thread in all the way into the housing. It will start to thread for about 2-3 turns and then stops. Still has a good 1/2" before it would even touch the o-ring.

At first, I assumed that they gave me the wrong cover. The new oil filter I bought though came with a new o-ring, so I reused the old cover with the new o-ring. I put it on, got it tight by hand and used channel locks to turn it ever-so-slightly passed snug.
I drove it for about 15 minutes and discovered that the new o-ring was bulging again and it was leaking slightly. I backed off on the cover very slightly so it was just above hand tight, but same issue.

Today on my lunch break, I decided to try the new cover again just to make sure I threaded it in correctly, and it absolutely does not fit. It went on as far as it did last night and no more.
For the heck of it, I decided to take the o-ring off of the new cover and put it in the same position on my old cover. I don't know what I was expecting, but it leaked just as much - if not more while the car was running.

I've triple checked the part numbers online and on the cover.
Advance sold me Dorman part number 917-003. I don't always trust auto parts guides to be correct from bad past experiences, but every online resource that I have found says this cover fits the 2010 G6 2.4 Flex (Advance, RockAuto, Amazon). It does not fit mine!

So I reassembled this the way it was originally with the old cover and the new o-ring from the new filter. It still leaks but not that much so I can just keep an eye on it for now.

Long story short, does anyone know how the oil filter cover on this car is supposed to be? O-ring in a groove at the base of cover, or o-ring in a groove before the base?
And also, if the current filter cover on the car is correct, how can I correct this o-ring bulging so I can stop the leak?

I've watched videos on YouTube of 2.4 G6 oil changes and I've seen covers the o-ring at the base (like mine) and others with the o-ring in the groove before the base (like the replacement that does not fit).
I would imagine the cover with the o-ring before the base so it can seal around the inside of the housing would be ideal but I just want something that will work.
I'm completely lost.

Thanks in advance.

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