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Shes a 2007 g6 gt coupe, 3.5 lz4 (originally) currently at 147,000 miles. Black with black leather.

Bought it 3 years ago bone stock. The original motor chucked a rod at 105,000ish miles. Bought a new to me lx9 motor, bored and fitted it with lz4 pistons lx9 rods, all new bearings, shaved lx9 heads with a heafty pnp, port matched intake, custom 93 tune, and the poor 4t40e has taken it like a champ. I built a custom cat-back with a stainless works muffler when the new motor dropped in and i couldnt stand the 4cy sound it put out so for now thats back to stock.

Interior wise, all LED lights, jvc head unit, kenwood speakers, and 2 12” audiopipe subs with a 2000w amp, and a 6 farad audiopipe capacitor.

Outside it has spyder headlights, firestone tires, and stock 17s 2 of which are bent. So ill be buying new rims as soon as i find some i actually like. Been looking and i like gtp 18s but cant find a set local.

I havnt done anything with it but routine maintinance in the last year and half because my truck has been bleeding me dry. Now that its pretty squared away id like to start playing with my car more. Future mods include:
-custom headers and dual exhaust
-custom grind cam
-f40 swap (when the 4t40e dies)
-maybe a sniff of nitrous if it ever comes off that $7/lb high horse
-american bass subs, amp, etc...
-kenwood dd head unit
-gtp 18s when i find a set
- who knows what else ill come up with.
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