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jedi3's 2006 g6 gt coupe (lots of pics 56k NO)

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some of my favorite pics :D
all my mods can be viewed on my car domain page:
strut bar, cold air intake, chrome lower grill mod, amp, sub, custom painted engine bay, custom trunk lid mat, Hammerhead spoiler,
eyelids & full overlays kit, Gt logo added to the dash, aftermarket pedals, seat belt sleeves with pontiac lettering & logo, tinted tail lights and window stickers.

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not realy just a cold air intake and the strut bar :(
I havent posted on the forum in long time.. So some updated pics and my mod list for ya.

enjoy :)

Mods sofar are:
GM performance parts plus strut bar (painted to match)
chrome lower grill mod
Eclipse 33230 2ch amp
Alpine type S 12" sub 300w rms
cold air intake
custom painted engine bay (done by myself)
Custom trunk lid mat (also done by myself)
Hammerhead spoiler
eyelids & full overlays package (chrome darts front & rear and rims, black dart on the steering wheel)
tinted tail lights
GT logo added to the dash
aftermarket pedals
seat belt sleeves with Pontiac lettering & logo
g6performance.com club stickers
SWO club stickers (designed by myself)
ForeverPontiac.com stickers (designed by myself)
GM performance parts plus stickers
Saturn logo sticker (I worked for 2 years selling cars for Saturn)
US flags in the door jams
Jedi Mickey in the back seat
Auto diming mirror added
new tires: BFGoodrich G-force super sport 225/50/17's
brake caliper paint (Dupli-Color RED)
Front plate delete and made my own bumper plugs

repairs & maintenance
sunroof leak twice (under warranty)
steering shaft replaced (under warranty)
two new tie rods (under warranty)
front brakes and roters replaced at 34K and again at 61K
new rear brake pads at 41k

Bunch of newer pics since I have last posted here......

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I just moved from Rockland MA to Conway SC.
jedi gotta ask where did you get that little vid of your car done
If your talking about the one where its jumping I made it in Photoshop. ;) It was a ton of work....


I had my fuel injectors cleaned today thought it was time since im rolling up on 65k soon. I olny drove it home so I have not noticed a difference and im to sure I will but I keep up on my [email protected] The radiator is good till 150k so thats good for a while still. The tranny fluid is next to be changed out and Im not sure if this car has power steering fluid to be changes. The g6 uses hydraulic with electric assist steering.

Im also ordering new front & read dart overlays and new eyelids from our vendor the grafx shop.
So tonight I jumped on the car a bit and noticed the car is a bit more responsive in the lowend/rolling start take off speed. So I think it was worth it having the fule injectors cleaned. Well worth the $100 bucks to have them professionally done. I dident know that GM (as well most manufacturers) recomends that you have your injectors cleaned every 15 thousand miles. Im not sure I would do it THAT offten but every 20/30k couldent hurt. The reason you do it is that the gass leaves carbon deposits on the injectors and the hiles get smaller and smaller. Now this was not one of thouse kits that you put some shit in your gas tank. This is the stuff they hook up to one of your vac lines and fule lines. They run the car at 2000 rpms for 20 minutes till all the cleaning fluid is gone. Then run the car for another 5 to finish it up.
Worked on the car a bit today... I repainted the two front calipers they were all chiped up to hell. That took a long time since I dont have jack stainds. I had to jack up the car and and do one side at a time. That took alot longer than I thought it would. Im going to do the two back ones on my next day off but they dont need much work, just some touch up. I also replaced another fog light.... It just figures I replace one and the other one goes out like a week later. So after a month of not using them I finally replaced the bulb today. I also picked up a roll of chrome door edging to redo my chrome lower grill mod. I noticed the other day the old door edging was really beaten up. I also picked up one of the headlight restore kits for when my new eyelids come in. I dident get to it today but no big deal since the eyelids have not come in yet. My headlight lenses arent too bad just a bit not super clear anymore. So before they get too bad Im going to fix them up. I have never used one of the kits for it before and hope it actually works like they say.
Out with the old.

Glue, glue, glue everywhere and darn these thing just came of in billions of pieces! :blink: :picard:

You can see how bad the lenses were F'ed up when I got the glue off where the eyelids were. :blink: I had no idea they were that bad!!!

all cleaned up!

Drivers side all cleaned and polished! Pass side not even touched yet! Wow what a differance! :eek:

I have to tell yea this isent easy to do and the amount of scrubbing I did to get the hazs off was just silly!!!
It just took all friggen day but well well well worth it.

both sides done.


New eyelids, front & rear dart overlays on.

I also did the chrom lower grill mod over last week since the strips were beaten up.
(pic taken today after the lights were done.

rear dart


I got sick of people always asking me why I had a Saturn logo on my car. So I replaced it with the GM logo.


front calipers repainted (last week)

My back is killing me fron being hunched over the car all day and my hads are sore fron scrubbing. I must of polished each light 15 times and was scrubbing hard at it too. Not to mention how friggen hard it was to get the eyelids off and all the glue leftover. Nothing a beer or 3 cant fix I really dident even think my headlights were that bead till I got my eyelids off. Funny how you dont notice how bad something gets over time till you do something about it.
Yup I found ANOTHER mural for a backdrop for the G6 and you know me I cant resist a great backdrop.

The first two and the last one are my favorites and could be a good calander pic ;)

Thanks :cheers:
I did answer you question but its on page one. My update was so pic heavy that I had to break it up to 4 posts and half is on page one. lol
Thanks guys!
Yea its really not a video it was one still pic I took. Then animated it by making 65 individual pics one sligtly different fron the last. then strung them together, each frame has around 30 parts to it and each one has to be photoshoped. Making the wheels look real and turning was the hardest part.
I used a hair dryer and my fingernails then some Goo Gone on the leftover glue. I ran out of Goo Gone at the end and used some rubbing alcohol. The headlight kit I used was a bottel of Blue Magic headlight lens restorer. The Blue Magic was alot of work but did work well, but it makes me wonder if one of the high priced kit would of been easier/less work.
Just some pics after I cleaned and detailed the car. Nothing to special just some empty road in the middle of nowhere SC.




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I'm gonna have to do some work to my headlights, My eyelids are beat to shit and you can tell the lenses need work in the light of the HIDs.
yea I knew my eyelids were in need of replacement but had no idea my lights were as bad as they were till I took of my eyelids. It was well worth all the effort it too to restore the lenses and replacing the eyelids.

hey Jedi, looks great!!!
[quote name='Jedi3' timestamp='1330472988' post='67516']
Well the car hit 70k this week and she gave me a present to mark the occasion .........

I dropped the car off at Goodyear to have a leaky tire checked and fixed. I get a call and I was like oooooooooooooooooow come on WTF, dam it ill be right there.

there goes all my mod money for an exhaust now I did some web searching and found a brand new rim for $200.00 bucks. Which seems to be a good deal since every used rim I saw on the web was like $150.00 or so and to fix the rim was like $175.00. I know some of you are going to say I should of gotten aftermarket rims but everything I like is $600.00 +. The rim should be here in 5 days or so.


[quote name='Jedi3' timestamp='1331326421' post='68022']
Forgot to update this......

last week the rim came in and I got it put on the car. I went to Masson tire/Goodyear to have it put on since they dident charge me for taking the rim&tire off the car and finding the issue. The only charged me $21.00 with tax for taking the rim& tire off the car and swapping over the tire onto the new rim and balanced it and put a new valve stem on. Smoking prices and great service I highly recommend them if anyone has one near them and needs there serveces. I will be going back to them for an four wheel alignment soon,



[quote name='Jedi3' timestamp='1333718236' post='69865']
3 cars stopped short on the highway in front of me last night. So I had to too and no sooner did I stop and say wow that was a bit close some girl just plowed into me. She never hit her brakes and my car to one hell of a good wack and her POS KIA is all done.

The trunk, upper & lower bumper cover are all done the exhast seems ok and she drives fine and the trunk still opens and cloeses with no issues so I think she'll be fine. I hope there is not much going on with the stuff I cant see?!?!?!?

Clean carfax it was fun while it lasted!!!

Im ok and the girl that hit me are to so O well like I told her thats what you pay Ins for. and then I said you do have ins right? she said yup thank god!


[quote name='Jedi3' timestamp='1334235216' post='70137']
I got 3 estimates on the car and choose a shop and its a GM dealer and GM & Pontiac approved body shop. The GTP rear valence is only going to cost me 25 bucks more so its a go with the duel valance. Im waiting on a price to paint the GTP valance and my gt side skirts. Chaos can you get me part numbers ect on the exhaust that you make up for the G6 please. I will be getting that done after at an exhaust shop. I will need all new piping ect so if you can give me a full parts list I would appreciate it. If everything goes well the 6 should be at the body shop next week. the estimates range from a little over $3,000 TO $3.500........ I sat down with the body shop mgr and told him how much I love my car and my past bad experience with my Cavalier and that body shop. turns out he owns a G6 vert and is a pontiac guy and we bla bla bla'ed about cars for a bit so Im confident I fount the right place.


[quote name='Jedi3' timestamp='1334841987' post='70470']
They were all out of cars so they gave me a free upgrade...........

2012 Silverado 2wd LT 4.3L v6 crew cab short box.

It was either this or a downgrade to some tiny ass pos Hyundai. Evan thou it will use more gas I would rather drive this for a week or so. I asked what are you going to do about me using more gas. they said I dident have to return it with any. So I said what the hell why not! I got to say its pretty nice riding and comfy. Going from my sport coupe to this I feel like im driving a house, lol.


[quote name='Jedi3' timestamp='1335489312' post='70884']
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!

they did a great job you cant even tell she was painted and fixed!!!!!! Im super happy with the paint work BUT (and Chaos will lol) they had issues with the emblems and I asked them to fix it. they had no issue with my problems with it and agreed 100% that I was right. the "i" fell off the Pontiac and they put on the 2005 GT logo which is a diff font, style and material all together than the "Pontiac G6". also the gasket around the key hole was F'ed up. they ordered all new stuff and will be calling me when it comes in. I am off on Saturday So I will be going to some exhaust shops for the dual exhaust up grade. So lets see if I get it Saturday. Which brings up another thing since some stuff was not right they did not charge me for the upgrade on the lower valence. Also you'll notice my tails dont match anymore lol since one got replaced so ill have to tint one and then see if they match. if they don't the'll both have to get painted to even them out. (even if they need to go a bit darker witch im fine with.) Also the spoiler & quarter panes looks just fine against the new paint witch is some the body shop and im going to take some of the credit for how much I have cared for the paint on the car. O yea one last thing I need to get a new dart overlay for the dart too since they put all new emblems on.....

some iPhone pics

She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!
She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!! She's HOME!!!!


I was look at her this morning and God the paint match is dead on!!!!

Also the final bill was $4,583.xx

[quote name='Jedi3' timestamp='1335667840' post='70942']
Flowmaster 80 series: 2.50" inlet/outlet & 3" tips
After the new muffler breaks in ill make a decisions about doing the cherry Bomb.

the muffler is tucked up as high as it could go. You end up seeing a bit of it but they painted all the new piping and the muffler black to hide it a bit more. It blends in with the lower black bumper anyways. She has a nice little grown on start up and bit of sound in the power band. It should get a bit louder but well see. I can always have them do the rest of Chris's set up if I need/want to down the road. I did this mostly for the looks.



HA ha ha ha!!!!


I swear I have picked up some power with this. The but dyno thinks the puck up in the power band is much faster. But we all know the but dyno is not too reliable. I jumped on it a bit a couple of times and I think its starting to break in and get a bit louder and throaty. One time I punched it doing 40 and got up to 80 like nothing. But who knows it could just be me but I dont think so......


I dont think my iPhone does not do it justice or captures the sound well at all.
Its much deeper, throaty and has a nice little grumble to it than is sounds.


I made them from "Tree Style Automotive Interior Fasteners Body Clips" there only like $2.00 for a box of 4 at Autozone.

I sanded down the heads painted them, then after they dried I pushed them in the holes. Quick, cheep, easy and very effective. They really blend in well.


thanks guys!!!

yea the CrapKia was totaled lol
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