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Joe's G6 Build

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Hello all,

New here so be kind

Bought a 2008 G6 GT and love it

Started some mods already

Ordered a Cold Air Intake and looking at the CRABs Baffle

Ordered a CAT back exhaust system

Looking at Window Tint next

Then we will see

Joe aka Lead_Foot (old CB Handle)


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Welcome! Looks good and clean so far, like daniel said be sure to keep us up to date
What were you wondering about the racing line strut bar? I know a few people on here have it so ask away.
be sure to post pics when you are done putting those grilles in
That is huge lol looks like a labeller
christmas is always a good excuse to buy things for yourself :p thats what i do
1 - 5 of 49 Posts
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