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Joe's G6 Build

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Hello all,

New here so be kind

Bought a 2008 G6 GT and love it

Started some mods already

Ordered a Cold Air Intake and looking at the CRABs Baffle

Ordered a CAT back exhaust system

Looking at Window Tint next

Then we will see

Joe aka Lead_Foot (old CB Handle)


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OBDCOM software and hardware arrived today

looks like very good software, easy to use,
installed on a Asus netbook with no issues,

Reset all codes, can save data to csv file,
need to find out what the normal O2 voltage is,

good investment

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Well bought a K&N drop in air filter,
going back to stock configuration,

I need to reevaluate my upgrades,

I know where the air leak is,
crankcase breather line from the rear valve cover,
fitting on the intake air pipe,

So we shall see

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Computer Reset

When I recieved the OBDCom software, I set it up and connected it to the car, used it to reset and erase all codes, never did change back to the old CAI, but the check engine light has not come back, guess the computer finally adjusted to it,

Strut Bar is on back order

Exhaust is on back order, may cancel and have my local shop build me one using a early Camaro/Nova muffler and dumping behind each rear wheel,

Bought a brushed aluminum Upper and Lower Grills, looks cool to me but we shall see, Pics attached


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be sure to post pics when you are done putting those grilles in
those are the figure grilles....they're ok but they attach with zipties. and you have to drill holes in your lower grilles to attach them.
Yea so they are, look like poor examples of a grill, def not worth 45 bucks.

Installed my Magnaflow HP Single exhaust and Racing Line Strut Tower Bar,

Had My Son shoot some video, just need to figure out haw to post a MOV file
You list should be more like this:

Magnaflow exhaust (you got)
Racingline street Motor Mounts F/R
Racingline strut bar (you got) **the grounding kit isnt worth it**
WAMS tune 93 octane PCM
Recessed grilles (not the mesh crap)
6k HIDs
Black housed or color matched headlights
Dechrome window trim
Get some nice 18" wheels
GM body kit or AIT body kit w/ hood.

And thats only to start.... :wink:
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Yea but the problem is now I'm short on cash with christmas around the block,

Spent $11500 cash on the car, 5 weeks later hit a deer at $3600 repair, a week after I got it back I was Ass Ended at $1800 repair, $50 on an CAI that no one likes (except me, fixed my lean issue, a couple loose clamps) however went back to stock with a K&N drop in air filter at $50, another $115 for OBdcom software and interface cable, $485 on a Magnaflow Single Exhaust, $45 on Grills I dont like,

So I'm not spending another dime untill next year, but only to buy a WAMS at $450
Umm...ok. But you know there are some small things you can do that doesnt cost too much.

- De-chrome your window trim. (cost of painters tape, paint and clear only)
- Maybe tint your taillights (cost of VHT niteshades and clear coat paint)
- Maybe paint your engine and battery cover (cost of paint and clear)
- Maybe paint your brake calipers (cost of paint and clear)
- Even make your own intake by using you stock tubing and 3" PVC piping after the MAF (cost of new Spectre or K&N cone filter)

Just little things like that can set you apart from everyone, have fun with it.
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Looking at buying a DashHawk Gen II


Does anyone have one, I know Lampoon won one,

If you have one and use it, then what do you think about it?

I didnt win mine. I bought it.

I did win an SCT dash scan though in a Mustang contest .....picked it up last week.
Its huge....at first glance it appears to do quite a bit that the DH does.....

I was going to mount it in the car but again....ITS HUGE.
That is huge lol looks like a labeller
Ive actually got a dashhawk on the way, if you decide to order one let me know I found them for 154.00
Dash Hawk

Sorry bout that Lampoon, thought I read it on here somewhere,

WaterFowler76 is that a Gen I or II for 154.00
dash hawk gen 2

ok i'll bite, where can i get it for $154

Ordered my Crabs Air Box and coupler - So soon I will have Crabs - Thanks Lampoon

Ordered my DashHawk Gen II - Thanks WaterFowler76

The rest will have to wait for the Tax Man, :(
I wonder what Santa will bring me? :rolleyes:
christmas is always a good excuse to buy things for yourself :p thats what i do
I've got CRAB's,

Got the crab's baffel installed and the intake resonator removed this weekend,

Many THANKS Lampoon,

I'll some pictures soon and get them posted
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