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Just got my G6 GT

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Hey everyone, I just got an Arrival Blue Metallic '05 G6 GT a few days ago. I go to Texas State University (What's up Lampoon.) and have big plans for my 6. I got it with 78k miles on it :/, but hopefully it holds up long enough for me to MOD it out. haha. I'm on a college kids budget so it'll move slowly. I just debadged it today. I wanna thank everyone in advance for your patience with me as a n00b!


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Welcome!! Nice ride....so what are you planning on doing to your 6?
Ohh you know, the usual. I wanna put red LED's inside to illuminate the floor mats. Fly Eyes the head and taillights, and install an HID kit. Install one of those CRAB CABs, a chrome lower recessed grill. Eventually a RAM air hood, and the GT-R exhaust, but with my hourly pay it might take a while.. haha
U815K is the paint code for Arrival or Electric blue. Thats my color! You car looks like the gray metallic or possibly the blue/gold. Look in your glove box and read off the code.
Should be like the last code or the second to last one or so. May start with a WA?

Welcome!!! Texas State is my Alma mater!
Alright, I'll have to check that out when I get home. Yea, I saw the picture of "ole blue" in front of the football stadium. So maybe if I buy one of your CRAB intakes we won't have to bother with shipping? haha if i'm not mistaken you sell those right?
Nice 6, GO TEXAS!! Ehmm, excuse me lol. Its not the blue/gold, thats what mine is! Might be the grey mettalic?
Color code is U928L. It's called Stealth Grey Metallic, which is weird because it looks blue. haha
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