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There are a lot of tricks and tips floating out there about how to boost the number of visitors on your website. As an affiliate marketer, you should be focusing on bringing in as many readers as possible. The more readers you get, the more people will call your dedicated pay per call line. And the more people who call that line, the more money you will make. But how do you boost the number of visitors? Some of the things you do will increase the number of visitors a lot, but it might not necessarily mean more people are interested in actually reading anything on your site. Your goal should always be to increase the long-term visitors instead of doing something to boost the numbers just for a couple of hours.

Statistics matter

When you check out the stats of who is visiting your website, you’ll see that there is a number for the people who are visiting the site. Then you will see how long those people are staying on the site, indicating whether or not they are reading the articles. Another thing to look for is whether or not people clicked to other pages when they are on the site. These numbers tell you a lot about whether or not a person accidentally clicked on your site and left quickly or if they are actually interested, according to Business to Community. Someone who spends five minutes on a web page has usually spent time reading the blog post you wrote and is actually interested in the information that was displayed.


Conversions are a little bit more difficult for a blogger to measure, especially when it comes to measuring how many people who come to the site actually call the pay per call number. You can’t get the information automatically in your stats, but you can compare the number of people coming to your page to the number of referrals you are getting paid for. This will help you determine how effective your content is and whether or not it is really helping you make some money. If you can get people on your site long enough to call the pay per call number, then you’ve probably earned yourself a new reader.

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Source: business2community.com/online-marketing/four-online-marketing-metrics-obsess-01147856
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