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Ok, recently I had a new engine put into my 2006 g6 GT. My key FOB's have never really worked except when i first bought the car so I never used the auto start but I have tested it and it was working fine with the old engine. Now, I had the engine replaced and the car runs great, I fixed my key FOB's by resoldering the battery holders to the board and they work great now. I go to try the auto start after testing everything else and my lights will flash like its going to start, I hear a tiny click and the car doesnt start, I think my mechanic did not connect my auto start back up when he replaced the engine.

Is there anyone that can show me where the connection is and how to do it or does anyone think it may be something else. Again, the auto start worked just fine before I replaced the engine.

I dont check this website much so you are probably better off getting back to me at my email. Its [email protected]

Thanks everyone.

update, apparently I heard that if the check engine light is on then it wont allow it to start, Mine is on because of one of my cats being bad. I dont know if Im going to replace it yet or just remove it completely. Is there any way to make the code not show up at all even with the cat being bad?
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