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Keyless remote starter part numbers

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Sorry if this has been previously address, I didn't find anything via the search menu. I just purchased a used '06 G6 SE Sedan and asked a dealer if it has the remote starting capabilities, they said yes it has AP3 and all I need is the remote, but want to charge me 210/remote to activate it. From reading on the forums I understand that one can buy remotes, say from eBay, and have them activated at the dealership. Now, which remote part numbers will work with our cars? I see 15912860, 22733524, and 10337867. Would any of these work? Thanks in advance,
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I have a 2008 G6 GT and I asked the dealership the same thing and they told me it would be over 3000 to install due to the fact that the gm auto start is tied in with the car or some bs
that is b/s as long as you have the capabiltiy you install part number 17800737 (anywhere from 150-200 dollars) and then have the dealership program it.
So does anyone know if the 2008 has the capability :)axechase: why does the dealership have to bs ppl)
What is included with the part number 17800737? I guess, I can't just buy the remotes on eBay and have the dealer program them to the car? I just thought the AP3 coding on the car meant it had all the internals set.
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