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Kinda new, been lurkin here for a bit

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This is my first post, although I have been reading on here since sept 09. I just wanted to finally say hello! I live in Dallas, TX and own a white 08 4dr g6 gt 3.5L. I can't wait to buy/install the GT-R system from the guy here in Carrollton. I installed the CAI by K&N ~ was a great investment, and so was window tint! lol ~ I'll post a lovely pic soon :cool: After my exhaust investment, I was wanting to get a High-Perfomance handling kit for my car, any suggestions on where to start looking? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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let me be the first to say Welcome!! im waiting on my GT-R too. should be any week now. as far as high performance handeling. i dont think theres much besides lowering springs and strut tower brace. I too have the K&N but I was really disapointed with the heat sheild. ...anyways cant wait to see pics.
you can always get them from GM if you wana pay an arm and a leg or just keep watch on Ebay
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