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Latest News Story on G6 Sales??

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Has anybody seen the latest news story on the G6, where they are talking about the G6 and how the sales for GM are way down? The story went on to say that it is because the car is not that great. They are comparing the sales to the start up of the Grand Am, and it's down about 14%.

I just bought a G6 GT, and I love it. I did alot of research on the car, and most reviews on it were really good, except of course for Consumer Reports, and in my opinion, they are totally biased toward foreign made cars anyway.

What does anybody else think about this?
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Those near 30K GT prices and near mid 20s base prices at launch hurt sales IMHO.

I paid 24K for a base with a few options... now you can get the same car for prolly 19 or 20K.. i think they will pick up steam now with lowered prices.. but they were priced wrong right out the gate.
I agree once the other models rollout sales should take off.
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