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Sounds like I just got screwed. I purchased a 07 G6 GT sedan 2 days ago. Last night I noticed the water after parking it on an incline and opening the back passenger side door to see standing water. Took it back to the stealership this morning. They did not have much to say except that they would take care of it at no cost to me. Well we will see how they do. They knew exactly what it was. My question is should I make them take the car back all together. I feel like I get a decent deal on the vehicle. It has 58K. I paid 7500 on the road plus traded a basic 2004 cavalier with 98K. Now maybe I know why. The car drove and tested good. I just did not think to check the back floor board for water. I mean WTF. Anyway, does the fix usually work or does the issue reappear? Like I said I was happy with the car until this. It has leather, sunroof, monsoon sound, remote start, and a bathtub in the back passenger seat. For real, what do you suggest? I CAN"T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS ISSUE WHEN RESEARCHING!!
Unfortunately, no car is perfect. I mean even Ferrari's catch on fire. Hopefully the drain tube fixes your problem. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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