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lean codes, traction control light, hard shifts???

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I have an '06 gtp sedan, with the 3.9 automatic. I've taken the car to the dealer because driving down the road one day the traction control light came on in the dash. I noticed that while the light was on the transmission shifts hard. It did it one time at a stop light, and when i took off it was like you neutral dropped it, with a nice clunk when it went into gear. After this happens the cel comes on. The dealer told me that the k&n air filter was the problem and I had to clean my MAF sensor. I replaced the k&n with a conventional filter, and cleaned the MAF sensor. The car is worse than ever, of course this all occurred right at the 100000 mile mark, and now the car is over and there is no sense in taking the car back to HALEY they suck as far as service. Any help at all would be appreciated
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I know that this thread is all but dead, however, I had the exact same problem since buying my G6 GT 3.9 Liter.

Same codes, running lean on bank 1 and 2 and MAF sensor reading wrong. I also had the traction control go on and off continuously.

I got a code reader from AutoZone and there were no brake codes or wheel sensor codes at all. Whoever owned it before me but a new cold air intake and K&N air filter on it and that was the issue. I went to a junkyard and bought a factory one, replaced it and now it runs perfect.

WOW I was at a loss. I hope this helps someone else out. I made 100% sure the aftermarket cold air intake did not leak, but it made all the difference in the world. These 3.9s are not meant to run the chrome pipe air intakes. I don;t know why, but it does.

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