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Ok, so supposedly this 08 2.4 G6 I have, has "LearnMode" for various settings. Trying to reset all the TPMS so they work properly. Two of them quit reading, so I went ahead and bought all four. No I put new tires on it and why they put in your tires on I had them put the new TPMS in there but they didn't set them or whatever they're supposed to do. Little research told me that you could put the car and learn mode and each blinker for the according tire with blank and a certain order driver passenger and then the back wheels. But I can't get it in to learn mode with the key remote or on the stereo I've tried thousands of different alterations of what it's had said, so I'm basically lost as far as that goes. Oh and the information center also keeps telling me that my battery is low on the key fob which I've changed all those batteries still says it
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