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LED lighting

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Hello everyone.. Im new to the forum but i figured a LED group buy would be pretty popular for noobs and veterans of the forum.. I've contacted 2 online retailers about group buy pricing.. Superbrightleds.com and v-leds.com.. I told them we would most likely be interested in a 3 level package type of deal

Level 1 would consist of dome light, map lights, and vanity/visor lights

Level 2 would be everything in level 1 plus trunk/cargo light, and license plate light

Level 3 would be everything in level 2 plus brake lights, reverse lights, side marker lights

i will be contacting a couple ebay sellers as well

If anyone has recommendations on what suppliers to ask or would be down to get in on the group buy just post in here.. I will start linking the URL for the thread in any emails i send so the suppliers can see the interest

So if interested lets blow this thread up so we can get some great pricing :D:D:D
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Here is the first response I got... It's from autolumanation.com which is popular with the grand prix forum.. They have great pricing


We can offer a 10% discount coupon to the group members, if the orders are shipped to individual addresses.

If the orders can be combined into one big order and shipped to one address, we can offer a 27.5% discount for all orders of $500+ ▶ Show quoted text --Thank You,

Chris Bacon
damns everything in my car is led besides the front blinkers
damns everything in my car is led besides the front blinkers

Yeah fortunately for me I've only changed my dome and map lights.. You could always buy back ups lol.. Im hoping we can get some good interest in the buy
I would be interested in getting the 2nd one if we get enough people and price dependent.
I'm still waiting on a couple of places to email me back.. I think 27.5% discount is a good deal.. It would have to be sent to a single location than divided up sent out to everyone... That's the only downside
You need a third party, someone not part of the deal, to be a kind soul and receive it and ship it out to everyone. Everyone send a self-addressed stamped envelope to them even?
im in as well. i only have license plate, brake/tail, and reverse led's installed.
Im in level 2

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I already have led everything that I want so I'm not interested in the deal. But id be willing to have everything shipped to my place then ill ship it out to everyone. If everyone wanted to do that. :beer:

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death by forgotteness

thread... Don't die);

Not enough people seemed interested.. I believe we would need atleast 15

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