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LEDs in air vents!?!?!

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How easy is it to put LEDs in the air vents of a 08 G6 GT?! I got a black 2 door and I want to light it up with red LEDs in the vents and under the dash and seats!?! Let me know! Thanks
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it really all depends on how well you work in tight spaces and how well you can wire. if you can run all the wires in those tight spaces and dont get too terribly frustrated easily then you should be able to tackle the mod without any major issues.
How long would a 'not so experienced' person take to do this? ...and what all would I have to do?
well the way i do it is this: make sure you have plenty or wire first. take your leds and find a spot to hang them in the back of the vent, of course you would have to take them apart and rip into the dash a lil bit. i used silicone. then after you hang them all, you gotta run the wired from the leds to the battery and to the switch. or you could wire the leds to a constant fuse. but if you do that then the leds will be on when ever the car is on. if you have a buddy that can help you out that would be good bc 2 heads work better than one ya know. but i think you could pull it off.
yeah i agree with dustin i takled this on my own and having some one help take the car apart cuts the time in half! LOL

But another thing is i wouldn't rush with this cause it sucks putting everything together and it not working properly. But then again i take my time with everything.

I used the fuse for power roof switch it wasn't being used much except to open and close.
And... it turns of when the car is off. So wont accidentally leave them on.
But what all do I have to take apart (and where).....Im not much of a car savy guy.
Plan, Prep, Time. Don't want to do it twice.. "in other words, don't hurry on the job just cuz you want to see pretty lights"
Take out the kick panels under the driver and passenger, radio shroud, that should give u enough room to wire everything its pretty easy. I actually have alot of stuff taken out of my car right now and could snap some pics. i rewired all my lites yesterday and wired up my lcds to switches. but i hurt my neck LOL real bad and am sitting in bed.
so just the kick panels below the radio?! but how am I going to reach the air vents?!
Picture of passenger with panels removed The kick panel, and the glove box.
Just take out all the screws take your time and youll see all of them the kick panel has a couple pressure clips.

Driver side take out kick panel then under the steering wheel thing not sure what its called:D

The vents come out by turning to the left or right then pull towards you.once it wont go any more forward. look inside with a flash light and there are 3 tabs bull those tabs up with a screw driver and it will slide out :beer:

My camera ran out a battery LOL so i couldnt take more pictures once those pieces are taken out. Driver and passenger side you can then remove the radio shroud so easy just pull it out towards you only has pressure clips the vents come out with it. i believe all of the screws are 7mm socket
it seems really confusing but just take some time locate everything and draw up a plan.
Tip use a baggie to hold all the screws:rolleyes:

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nice work with those lights! how did you wire them? switch or fuse or what?
Thanks. For the interior lights i used add a fuse by the passenger side fuse box. The fuse was for the sunroof. That way i don't accidentally leave them on. Im gonna try and update my thread with new pictures since i finished everything. I added more lights in the car.
In the backseat cup holders, and the phone holder in the front.
But its really easy to do i literally re wired everything to be on seperate swithces and took only a day.
NICE!!! So Daniel....ur saying that it was a cake walk to wire all this up?! lol

And for the fuse deal....u said that u used the sunroof fuse for the lights...did u tap into that or did u unhook the sunroof...cuz its a good idea to have them shut off when the car is off...but i still wanna use my sunroof!! lol
ahh i didnt see this sorry you but this thing called add a fuse and it plugs into and existing fuse and gives you another so youll have 2. And it gives you a power wire. So you can use that to power the lights and just need to ground them on a bolt on the frame there is one right next to the fuse box.
Thanks for all the info guys! Sorry for asking all these stupid questions! lol Hopfully I will break down and get this stuff in and take some pics to show you guys! :) If I got any other questions....I will be posting em! lol
Its not dumb most of this i figured out and wish some one would have told me. It would have saved me alot of time. And rereading what i typed up there i cant type for ****.
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