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Lesson Learned

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So, I don't really know what category this falls into, aside from "kick in the pants" buuuuut..
I drove from Calgary to Bassano today, hauling a 7 foot length of pipe as cargo (rear seat folded down in my 06 g6 gt)... and that went well... on the return trip, however, A horrible... horrible... HORRIBLE thing happened...
As I'm driving down Blackfoot trail, doing 80 (as per the posted speed), a little ricerocket cuts me off doing about 50. I go "Oh shit" and slam on the brakes.
Well, the pipe I was carrying (the one that was the wrong size, hence the exchange) shoots forward and slams into the dash.
$340 US for a new dash. Plus shipping. PLus labour to have it installed.
Needless to say, I'm going to drive my old 78 LTD 2 Ford around for a while, and if I see that car again, I pray he cuts me off, CAUSE I AINT SLOWING DOWN THIS TIME! :mad::mad::mad::mad:

One a side-note: Anyone know where I could get the dash for an 06 G6 GT (black) for a bit cheaper? I live in Canada (Calgary specifically) and would rather avoid the shipping costs, plus currency conversion costs. :rolleyes:
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Dude that sucks! Stupid ricers! Hope you find it. What about junkyards?
Colin lives up there and is close to junker G6ers but I think they have tons of snow on them. Can you snap a picture so we can see what you need....
Sorry to hear it! good luck on the repair!!!
I'll definitely get a pic up tomorrow, it's a crescent shaped gouge right in front of the passenger's seat. . if Colin's got one for the 06 gt coupe in black, I'd probably have him hold on to it for a little while while I scrape some money together (yay for the ever expensive full engine and fuel system servicing >_<)
I think, depending on whether or not I can win a little wager I made with my boss, I should have an extra $500 or so in mid-February, but, that's all depending. =\
Lampoon, you wouldn't happen to know where abouts Colin is? or just a phonenumber or something along those lines? (Sorry about the lateness with the picture, i'll be putting one up in an hour-ish i hope (bit busy at work today)).
I've also got a guy here looking for the steering system from a G6 for a hotrod, oddly enough, so I figure I could help him out a bit as well at the same time.
Here is one of Colin's threads. Just PM him.
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