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lock/unlock remote won't work?

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I got my G6 almost a year ago now, and the remote that controls the lock/unlock and remote starter died not 3 months after buying the thing. At first it started to only work at short range and eventually would only work some days and not others. Shortly after it just completely stopped working. I am thinking the battery in it just died? Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the battery in that thing or am I screwed into having to get a new one from the dealer?

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you can change your battery, available and any car part store.
^^ Agreed! You can just take it apart with a small flathead or send some unnecessary dough and take it to a dealer. It's up to you! :D
I took mine apart because I thought the battery was dead, but it turns out one of the leads on the battery casing broke and is not connected, I was going to fix it at work but haven't had time to go to the solder lab.

So if changing the battery doesn't work for some reason always do a visual check. could save you from buying a new one if its a quick fix like that.
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