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Hey guys. I've always owned beaters since my '93 V6 Plymoth Acclaim. The latest is asking for more money to fix the exhaust and maybe an electrical problem. So instead I've been looking for a new car. Unfortunately my Lumina is too fuel efficient to qualify for the Cash for Clunkers thing that's going on so a new car that I would enjoy is out of my price point.

I've been searching online and was looking at the Mazda6 at first then saw the comperable G6 and liked that even more. I found one in the area at a used car dealership going for $14K. It has 52K miles on it which seems a bit high. Seeing as i'm going to have to finance the car for 4-5 years I was wondering if there were any problems or routine maintainence that would be coming up that would seriously effect my wallet. Also, when getting in the car and taking it for a test drive anything in particular that I should look for that would be a tell tale sign of possible future problems. Also, I live in MA so I was wondering about handling in the snow. Would a GT possibly a better car for me?

Finally, what should I be paying for this car and any suggested negotiation tips to get the price down?

Thanks in advance for any advice and hopefully I will be a true member soon.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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