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looking at CIA and exhaust

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i wanna get a CAI for my car but not sure on which one to get. ive been reading over other threads and im a little confused about the drop in air filter. are you just adding it into the box and taking out the flat one? and has anyone looked how much trouble it would be to change the mount of the battery to the passenger side and shorten up the intake lines and get some colder air in. also i wanna upgrade to a dual exhaust i currently have a 3.5 GT and i wanna know what i have to do to make this upgrade possible because i know i need a new bumper or maybe just a bottom piece. and what kind of exhaust systems can i get for this car.
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drop in filter replaces the old square one its the same size and everything... and i saw a guy on youtube who took the bottom piece off of a gtp and ran a custom dual exhaust said he did it for $600 or somethin...
You can go with the magnaflow catback or the GTR dual exhaust both are going to run you about $500-$700. And for the filter you replace the bolt on air box with just a new round intake.
Here's a link to the drop-in filter replacement. Works exactly like it sounds. You remove the OEM square paper filter and drop this on in its place. It's not a CAI at all, but it does perform better than the standard paper air filter.

Here's a CAI kit from the same manufacturer. Removes the factory plumbing and replaces it with less restrictive, higher-flow tube. Also replaces the OEM square filter and air box with a conical filter and "heat shield".

There may be other cold air intake kits out there. I'm new to the forum and new to the Pontiac G6 so I'm not sure. I'm a fan of K&N though. Used their filters on other vehicles and I've always been pleased with the results.

And here's the link to the vid of the guy who put dual exhaust on his '05 G6 GT. Looks like he kept the stock bumper but replaced the valence with one from a GTP (with notches for dual pipes). Sounds good.
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Davids on the money....Drop in filter is an upgrade but to get real results get an intake.
You have two choices. in the quarter or out of it. If you go out of it
you need to get a heat shield. Otherwise your just sucking hot air off the
Here are your choices for the Pontiac G6:
K&N Typhoon
Crab Intakes CAB
Dr Speed CAB
Injen knock offs on eBay.

Injen had problems with the brackets breaking so they redesigned that part and from what I understand its now ok.
K&N is black and its heat shield comes from the F150 and you can tell.
Dr Speed is good but has some gaps.
Crab Intakes? Crabs itch! ha haaaa

Knock offs are mostly 2.7" and not 3" so your reducing your air.

Exhaust? Im on my third exhaust. Stock...didnt like it. I wanted dual outs.
I dropped a flow through magnaflow where the resonator was and a single in dual out 2.5 maganflow in back. I wasnt happy. the 6" flow through was too big and use to hit on parking lot bumps etc. The pipes wernt mandrel bent and the guy who welded it up did a piss poor job. Ended up buying an exhaust made for the car. I am very happy with it now. The one I bought (GT-R) has a tuned muffler. He opens it up and ajusts the baffel for the best possible flow to sound ratio. Its very high quality and mandrel bent w/polished metal. Anyway....I am now happy with it. 4" tips round mine off.

I wish there was someone like me to give me advice early on....I would have saved allot of money. I thought doing it myself would save me money but it didnt.

Anyway......All of the aftermarket intakes are a HUGE step over just a drop in.
The stock box is very restrictive. Open you quarter and look at the "resonator" the air has to go through to get into that box. That is just crazy.

Hollar if I can help you.

PS....Austin is just up the road from me. Come down here and Ill show you my exhaust!!! We can talk G6 over a Whataburger. :D
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You can get a thrush glasspack for like $20 or the GTR exhaust, but the GTR exhaust removes the catalytic converter so it wouldn't pass emissions.
I have the GT-R and I have my Cats.... Where do u get your info cause its bad...?
GT-R FTW!!! Maybe someday.

On the GTR exhaust website there is a picture that looks like a straight pipe takes the place of the cats unless the cats are in a different place than im thinking about.
I bolted it on myself....It installs just north of your respnator or
South of the flexpipe.

That straightpipe takes the place of your resonator only. See the two hangers on that straightpipe?
Those are what normally hangs the resonator- so you have an idea of where it ends under your car.

The internal Magnaflow baffels are tuned to the car. Sounds great.

Here are a few snaps I took a few weeks before install. Keep in mind this was before I cleaned it (I bought it used).

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