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hey guys, im about to pick up the oem ground effects kit and it has a dual exhaust valance.. I only have single at the moment... so what im trying to do is make it dual exhaust, but im not trying to buy a whole new exhaust system. so what im asking is if someone could give me a few tips and point me in the right direction because im not very exhaust smart. now I have searched on some exhaust threads but havnt came up with much.

so what im thinking is I can buy a dual out muffler and buy a couple of new tips and take it to an exhaust shop. does that sound right? if so can someone give me a cost efficient place to buy a dual out muffler. and I want a louder muffler too but deffinalty not something ricey. I have 05 gt 3.5.

and one more thing what should I do with my exhaust resonator.. should I remove it? should I just keep it stock orrrr should I get a better resonator?

thanks in advance
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