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Looking for a nice sounding exhaust

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Hey guys I havent been on in awile I see the forums are still very active thats good to see. Well let me get to the point here I have a g6 gt sedan and looking to do some upgrades to it this summer and im looking for a nice sounding exhaust im looking for somthing strong at least as strong as I canm get with the 3.6l and maby some pointers on any other upgrades I can get for the engine like supercharge or what not. Im not a car pro or nuittin but I have fallen in love with the g6 models amd the g8's hopefully ill have one of those soon.
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Hey Lampoon would that crab intake fit on my 07 g6 sedan? because so far im getting a ground effect kit the crab intake if it fits the GT-R exhaust and the hood I have to have the hood and possibly a leather conversion if anyone has info on that please tell me.
I cant wait to get these upgrades done only problem is finding a place to install them I kno im gonna get shafted and I dont have any of the tools myself and living in michigan certainly isnt a plus atm lol expecially since they just closed 12 schools in detroit. But another thing is my car is white lol what you guys think about the ground effect kit with a white g6 cuz I cant find pics of one anywhere. Maby ill get her painted black.and how much you think the GT-R exhaust will add to my car.
how much does a paint job cost I cant find prices newhere and dont wanna get bossed on a. price bug really want black
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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