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Looking for a nice sounding exhaust

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Hey guys I havent been on in awile I see the forums are still very active thats good to see. Well let me get to the point here I have a g6 gt sedan and looking to do some upgrades to it this summer and im looking for a nice sounding exhaust im looking for somthing strong at least as strong as I canm get with the 3.6l and maby some pointers on any other upgrades I can get for the engine like supercharge or what not. Im not a car pro or nuittin but I have fallen in love with the g6 models amd the g8's hopefully ill have one of those soon.
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Hey Lampoon, I was running around last week and met the owner of the shop that did your exhaust. I told him that I had talked to you and he knew all that you had done with yours. anyway he is gonna knock the price down for me, when I am ready...
Sounded good in person!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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