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Hello all.

I am a proud owner of various Pontiacs (Vibe, Bonneville, Grand Am) over the years and am now considering a G6 convertible as my daily driver (and only car). Note that I live in Michigan.

Two things concern me:
1) Hard top reliability. I wouldn't mind fixing this on occasion if there was detailed information, but this top is complicated and I can't find any technical info in order to fix it myself!
2) Winter. Does anyone have any experiences driving this in the winter? I would love to hear the good and the bad, especially whether the seals will hold up through all the seasons.

Thank you all!

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Jersey owner here, with the vert as the only car in the family :D

After just over a year of ownership, I can say there's good & bad. Wintertime was great - no leaks and very quiet and solid.

Mechanical issues have started to crop up resulting in 3 different dealer visits (2 because of backordered parts) in the last 2 months. So that's a little less thrilling :(

As far as fixing yourself, unless you've got some pretty good tech experience/tool access I don't think that would be doable. For instance, there was a situation where the trunk wouldn't open because the sensors told it the roof wasn't secure even when it was, and the techs at the dealer had to perform an override using their scan tool.

Not sure how or if you can get access to such; on the Grand Prix I had before there was a vendor who sold a scan tool and program that allowed you to program pretty much anything you wanted to but I don't believe such support exists for the G6.

Overall though it's been great and we really get a lot of use out of the convertible-ness :glasses3:

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Toronto, Canada.
I picked mine up in April with 17,000 miles on it (originally from Michigan) then I pressed the button and converted it to Canadian.lol
I added a full extended warranty based on the roof mechanism and suggest you do the same if you are not fully covered.

So far, my whole dual exhaust was replaced from front to back including new chrome exhaust tips. I also had the sensor for the tonneau cover replaced as it would not allow the roof to open, even when the roller was closed.
No $ deductible and the repairs have almost covered the extended costs.

It seals quieter than the Grand Am, Sunfire, or 2006 G5 I had did. The windows fit tight into the roof when the doors close and the road noise is minimal so that shouldnt be a problem for you.

The only thing I don't like is the 3.9 at $4.00 gallon currently is costing almost double what the G5 did to drive....30mpg to 19 mpg. But I know that is my driving style, as you just want to open it up and go.

I love this car and open the roof everyday on my 40 mile drive home from work and have not had any issues with the mechanics of it.
I dont know what the snow and future will bring but its worth every penny today.

I say GO FOR IT!! I now have 28,000 miles on it.

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I drive mine in the winter no issues to report.Have had exhaust work done,it started buzzing when you let of the gas.No top troubles (knock on wood).Love the car had it since new.

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I'm in Michigan too (Mid-Michigan). I owned a Sunfire convertible a few years back and I just purchased an 09 G6 GT Convertible. I like the hard top and drove a few of them. Much quieter than I expected. I pick mine up on Monday and am way excited. I say go for it. If you're like me, and enjoy the cool air...the convertible can be used in cooler months here too. So, I say go for it too!

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Welcome nosro from MI, you'll find some great tips and good reading on everything Pontiac G6.
We live in Ohio and just bought our G6 Vert as a daily driver. I wanted the hardtop to keep ice and water out. Keep us posted as winter approaches.
So for now, Jump in and take a ride, you're going to love the G6 Owners Club!


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2007 G6 HTC owner in New Jersey with 27K miles bought brand new - roof experience so far is great - only needed the roof button replaced recently (roof would start retracting then stop so the button needed to be pressed again - Dealer Service tech isolated issue to the button). Plenty of room in the trunk when the roof is up for grocery runs though minimal room when roof is retracted.

Winter driving has been A-OK on OE tires - good traction in wet, icy and snow conditions.

We're intending to keep it when it comes off lease in March 2011 - its my wife's ride and she loves it.
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