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Looking for Rear Window Spoiler

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I'm looking for a rear-window/roof spoiler or lip. I know Ebay has one but I wanted to see if anyone found it cheaper anywhere else, or found something different.
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Ive only been able to find it on eGay. And YES there pretty pricey...lol.
I don't want to pay that much for a piece of plastic...
Get used to it lol. It's sad how such simple things are so pricey.
I bought one...never installed it.
sell it to me Lampoon!!
Its painted Electric blue.....you still want it????
No me Lampoon !! I'm gonna wrap it in Carbon Fiber!
I wouldn't buy that one of eBay. It's a universal fit and not nearly as good as the above post.
Waterfowler where did you get yours?
here is my advice. If you buy it take a tape measure and measure from one edge to the other. Then tell then you need it cut to that length and give em your paint code.

Otherwise you will get one thats about 1" too short. That will leave a gap on either side
and it wont make it to the edge. These also will not bend up to meet the body bend of the top where the windshield meets. You can even see it in their stock photo:

Since the pix is all red it kin of blends in but your back windshield is NOT the color of your car so you will notice this. now from 15 foot away you may not.

I was going to try a heat gun but I think I would ruin the paint. So mine sits there until I figure it out. I even thought about shaving the middle to get it closer which would bring up the edges to the top. if that makes sense....but again....that would ruin the paint.

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Waterfowler where did you get yours?
...Its not mine, It's another members AVT5G6. I put the link to his thread right under the picture, because he has a few more on there.
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