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Looking to buy a G6 but there are too many options

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Ever since I saw a G6 GT in a magazine ad I've always wondered what it would drive like. Well I recently test drove a 2005 GT loaded minus the leather seats. Instantly, I love the way it handled and felt very comfortable. My problem lies in the fact that I have too many options. I can get a really good deal on a 2005 Silver GT loaded with cloth interior but at the cost of losing $2,000 instantly because I'm a year behind. Not only that but the 2005's are the first year for this model and after my last first year model I vowed to never buy the first off the line again. I do get the Employee discount with a 2005, but not a 2006.

Now for my other option. I could get a 2006 without the Employee discount now and try and haggle to get the pricing down more. IMO GM prices their cars a tad high, even for MSRP. Or I could do even more waiting and wait until the majority of 2005s are gone and GM would be forced to lower their prices on 2006s.

Also, I love the look of the panoramic sunroof, but I'm reading a lot about the problems that people seem to be having. It even sounds like people are getting a ton of cheap plastic noises coming from the dash. Sorry to throw all this in on my first post, but I've got buyer fears.
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I do as well. I'm planning on buying an 06 GTP, but I won't until I can test drive one, and I don't even see any around town where I could. Same for the coupe.

I, also, am hesitant on first year make cars, but to be honest, I question how well the second years would be made compared to the first.

The G6 is a pretty darn good upgrade from the Grand Am, which I have now, and love, despite its several flaws. I drove the G6 and it's an improvement in almost every aspect.

They are overpriced, no one's going to deny that, but with that discount, you could get every single option you wanted, leather included.

Personally, I wouldn't buy a sedan without the panoramic sunroof; it's way to unique. If it has problems, as all new cars eventually will, take it and they'll fix it, because it's under warrenty and that is unacceptable.

No car is flawless, I've found. I'm sure other members who own G6's right now can give you a better idea on what to do, but unless you're opting for a G6 GTP or coupe, I'd say go with the 2005, because the only differecnes between the 05 and 06 is that the 06 has small chrome trim accents on the radio knobs, a missing G6 badge where the air bag mechanism control is for the 06, and a three post instead of four post steering wheel (which, imo, looks much better, but it's not worth spending 3-5k mroe for when you can get a discount).
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Wait 6 months if you can, the 2006's will be priced to move again around Christmas.
Of course, by then you might hear what will be avilable for 2007 model and want to wait again ;)
Well, I just wanted to say that I have had my G6 GT four months now, and I have had NO problems with noises from the panoramic sunroof, or leaks or anything like that. My only gripe with the car at all is the fact that you cannot manually turn on the dome light in the back seat, as there is no knob. The only way the light goes on is by opening the door, which would be unsafe on the highway :) I love this car, and would recommend it to anybody that is interested. By the way, mine has all the options other than XM and the side curtain air bags. A little over priced? Maybe, but I did get the supplier discount, as well as a little known discount of $1000 because we also own a Subaru. I'm not sure that this is still available, but it is worth asking about. You just have to show current registration on a foreign car, and bam, another $1000 off.
Yes, for 2005 you couldn't get XM if you went for the Panoramic roof. However for 2006 you can get both because they were able to integrate the OnStar and XM antenna into a single unit
Thanks for all the responses guys. I do know what you mean about "if I wait until Xmas, then I'll want a 2007." I bought a high def tv last year and was contemplating waiting for this year's models. I went online and found a dealer that had a 2005 GT with leather package. When I finally got to the dealer, my fears had been true. No panoramic roof. It had everything but. I'll probably wait a few more months until more 2006s come out and the price is lowered.
I just went to a dealership. Fairly decent prices, but very little additions on the cars. How disappointing. Decent prices, but there were no leather or sunroof combos, none with the Panoramic.

And the GTP they had. Had the four post steering wheel. Not happy, GM, not happy at all...
Sedans for the 2006 model year started out with the 4-spoke steering wheel. They didn't start building sedans with new 3-spoke wheel until vehicles which were built in June. All coupes have 3-spoke wheel.
We thought of waiting too! Then thought we would never have a new car. We bought in early March and love our G6GT. Zero problems with over 5,000 miles. No panoramic roof, side bags or XM radio. The electric blue is awesome.
e2helper said:
Sedans for the 2006 model year started out with the 4-spoke steering wheel. They didn't start building sedans with new 3-spoke wheel until vehicles which were built in June. All coupes have 3-spoke wheel.
So when can we expect to see Sedans with the three-spoke?
Dunno, a couple thousand have likely been built by now. Just a matter of when they get to the dealerships. I think they started building them that way beginning of June.
Subtle_Cynicism said:
So when can we expect to see Sedans with the three-spoke?
All the new 2006's at the dealership in Kokomo, IN have 3 spoke wheels...Pontiac droped the ball by not offering it to start with.
I was really, really disgusted that it wasn't on the pre-June sedans. Really, think about it: if they produced the coupe and sedan GTP's around the same time, they could've put them in there.

Or at least refined the Four spoke to look good.
Yeah, the 4-spoke reminds me of the Colorado/Canyon steering wheel (it may very well be the same one?)
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