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GTPGuy82 said:
well, the two options I didn't get come to about $900 I think. So you should still be able to get one for under $25,000.

Mine was stickered $28,122 and they came down to $25,900. I too think I could have gotten a better deal, but they kindof had me where they wanted me since I had my mind made up what I wanted and there wasn't another one like it in the state. Now that more dealers have them you could probably do better.

IMOHO, it's a blast to drive. I love toying with cars going up a hill who get in the other lane thinking they can pass me. :D The wide torque band and gearing makes it seem really quick vs. the other cars I drove with similar HP specs.

Just like Mike; as far as I know, the only options I didn't get were the side air bags and adjustable pedals. And I'm lovin' the dealer installed spoiler. :)
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