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I went to start my car after it sat in a parking lot all day, to find it was misfiring so badly I couldn't back it up more than a few feet. I had it towed to a shop, who says that they have DTC's for random misfiring and a failed crank sensor, it's overheating, and it was low on both coolant and oil.

I can vouch that the oil dipstick showed full two days prior, nor was there oil in my parking spaces. The engine had been occasionally running on the warm side (225°F) due to the summer heat, but had never overheated, though I had the thermostat replaced when it stuck open during the winter.

What do you think happened? They found a new-to-me oil leak under the engine somewhere. Except for the crank sensor code, I'd say the head gaskets blowing would explain everything else.

Has anyone had a similar problem with their G6?
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