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Lost of power light came on

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:(Today while taking my husband to work my 2006 G6 started to act funny. As we started to come to a stop at the red light, my car begain to jurk and act as if it didn't want to go. Once the light turn green, I push the gas and it never got above 2000 RPM. I just let it coast into the parking lot and I notice that the display light was saying lost of engine power. Dont know what happened. Help if you can.
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ive heard about it....ill look around. but what engine do you have?
You need to get it scanned and find out what codes it threw out. The car reduced the engine power to keep itself from malfunctioning.

You can go to Advanced Auto or other places to get a free scan. If you don't know what to do from there, then go to a mechanic or dealer.
Please review the following threads and let us know if they helped.

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OMG...Hubby took the battery cables off to let the computer reset and the car started working fine but then it started acting up again...I truely think that there is something wrong with the electical wiring in these cars. I called stephens automotive and they told me sometimes the computers need reflashing on some cars.
Reading those links TinIndian gave will answer your problem directly.
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