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Intro. Left side (driver side) low beam burned out. Pulled light it out, looked at it. Yup, that’s burned out. Replaced it. Still out. What? Went to the internet. Found many issues regarding the wire harness burning out around the low beam connector. Mine looked fine, and the high beam and hazards work. Now it’s time to troubleshoot. (disclaimer: I still didn’t get the main issued resolved. I simply did a quick fix until I have more time to find the underlying issue.) I do apologize for the lack of photos.
I removed the whole light unit (assembly) and started to inspect the wires going into the low beam for any corrosion or burned wires, however, everything looked fine.
Then I decided, well if the wires look fine, lets test this WHOLE LIGHT UNIT and see if it works on the OPPOSITE SIDE (passenger side). The whole light unit works! Low beams, high beams, and hazards. Hmmmm, if the whole light unit works, then there shouldn’t be problem with the light unit.
Since I already had removed the passenger side light unit, I thought I would connect it to the driver side (bad side) to verify if the low beam would not illuminate. I was right. The “known good” (passenger side), low beam did not work on the driver side. Now I know, I have a problem with power getting to my light unit.
I inspected the pigtail wire harness for any corrosion/burned wires. Nothing out of the normal. Wires were tightly in place, and nothing looked damaged.
I followed the wires back into the fuse box. Hmmm, maybe it’s a burned fuse? Well, its not a fuse. It’s a relay. So I have noticed that the low beam relay and the horn relay are exactly alike. So, I removed the horn relay and put it in the low beam relay slot. Still didn’t fix the issue (I figured as much since, I was still able to get power to the high beam, and hazards on both side, driver and passenger).
(due to limited photos i was able to upload, please follow the link to my next post)


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