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anth_97 said:
In a word... yes it will hurt the car.
It can do several things over time.

#1 - regardless of temp the fuel pump will need to work harder to pump the small bit of fuel out of the tank and keep the vacum to keep the bit of fuel going. I have expereince with this as I needed a fuel pump with my last car because I kept driving it to empty running on fumes.

#2 Less gas in the tank will produce condensation in the tank in cold weather, due to maore air in the tank leaveing the tank prone to more condensation... essentially adding water to the gas and you do not want watery gas or water entering the motor.

#3 this same condensation building up in the tank and fuel could freeze and cause gas line freeze therefore causing your car to not start and to leave you stranded.

Again all this stuff happens over time, once and a while it happens but try to not do it in the winter.
As a general rule in the winter I try to not go below half a tank to a quarter tank.

Hope that helps.
Wow. Guess somebody forgot to tell my truck and my old Grand Prix all these horror stories.

180,000 miles / 12 years and 120,000 miles / 10 years of running them to empty before filling up and none of this has come to pass.

Condensation in a "sealed" system? Maybe.
Hard on the fuel pump? Not hardly - they push the fuel, not pull it.
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