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Low speed left and right turning vibration/shuttering

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So I just got this car about 2 weeks ago and I just started noticing that at a very low rate of speed as if turning in and out of a parking spot and or driveway as you approach halfway through a left hand turn radius and the right hand turn radius the car / steering wheel seems to vibrate and shutter once you get majority of the way to the turn radius it quits same thing when you turn back does the same thing while parked. I just had the vehicle aligned had a new crank or cam bolt put in to adjust the camber had a mechanic look at everything underneath they said underneath the car looks solid and they didn't see any indicators that would cause that. I've looked myself too about to check power steering fluid is good,no leaks, no whining noises no clicking noise no clunking or popping. I've looked all over Google and cannot find anything that matches up does anybody have any ideas or have they experienced this?
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My '07 G6 does the same thing. I was hoping to find an answer for my issue as well. Mine does it a lot more when turning right than left.
if it is a groaning or whining noise I would be suspecting your bearings are worn and you will need to replace the wheel hub assemblies. Generally, if one is worn the other is too. I replaced one of mine only for the nice quiet passenger hub to let me hear the noise from the drivers side.

If it is physical vibration it is probably something else. Does it happen when stationary or only whilst in motion?
There is no noise at all, only a vibration or shudder in the steering wheel. It never does it when driving at highway speeds, only when driving slowly like when turning into a parking lot or parking space.
If it is the steering wheel itself is vibrating and not the car as a whole, I would guess you have electronic power steering and that is potentially having a problem. Only a guess on my part as I have hydraulic power steering. Power steering has to work harder at slower speeds.
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