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LuckyEdBoy66's work-in-progress thread

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So I just bought my G6, and this thread is dedicated to my work in progress. My ride is a 07 G6 sedan, "graphite" in color, with a 3.5L v6. Unfortunately it has the junky four speed trans, which is the only thing i hate about my car. I would love to put a bunch of mods on it, but I am a college student after all so they will be few and far between. That said, here is my wish list:
New springs/lower ride height
18" rims (stylish, not gangsa)
Upgraded breaks/rotors
Moderate amp/sub woofer combo
Computer work/performance chip (to get rid of speed limiter etc.)
A full screen pioneer headunit

Im sure I will think of more. Here are some of the minor mods that are already on my ride :D
Window Tint
Painted red calipers
Window vent visors

Now for the Pics:

Heres a shot of the red calipers
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Today I had my rotors milled at Orielley's Auto Parts for $10 a rotor. rotors were grooved up bad becuse the previous owner drove the breaks down to the metal... anyhow, they look brand new, and Im really happy with it. you can see the ridges in the original photo above. Unfortunately i chipped my red caliper paint...
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Looks good! Like the color tint and lower would look awesome.
awesome sedan.....hope you replaced the pads with ceramic...?
sweet ride!
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