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Alpha platform up-date

Alpha news
The new Alpha platform is a go, with development underway in Australia by GM’s Holden unit, GMI says. The new Cadillac BLS will move from front-wheel-drive Epsilon to RWD Alpha between 2011 and 2012, allowing it to compete against the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class.
Expect the BLS to also have coupe and wagon variants launching shortly after the sedan. Opel/Vauxhall will also get an Alpha variant and since Saturn has been twinned with Opel, they probably will too.
The Pontiac G6 will move also move from FWD Epsilon to RWD Alpha by 2013, due to lead times in getting Alpha into production. Because of this, the G6 will be overhauled and moved to Epsilon II for the 2009 model year for a short run, and then will be moved to Alpha, according to the report. The G6 will mostly likely be similar to the upcoming Holden Torana.
The Zeta platform can’t really be scaled down because its over-engineered too accommodate a variety of body styles and applications. Thus, the need for the Alpha platform. It will probably feature a somewhat unique front suspension set up: a coil-over spring coupled with a 4-link strut should provide the necessary characteristics with size and weight advantages over Zeta’s articulated McPherson. The rear suspension would be similar to the set up found in both the Zeta and Sigma cars. The platform would also be modular and scalable.
The Alpha chassis will have roughly a 110-inch wheelbase and length between 170 and 180 inches. It will probably feature support for both I4 and V6 engines, eschewing a V8 option due to space and emissions constraints.
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