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I have an 09 GT w/ 3.5L engine and 125k miles. I got it in 2011 with around 25k miles on it. Aside from excessive body damage from deer, being backed into, my wife and brother crashing it, hail, etc. it hasn't had too many problems. It did have a bit of suspension work done on the passenger side (my wife slid into a curb on an icy hill) and chewed wiring replaced, but nothing major on the engine/trans. It does leak a little oil from somewhere around the cylinder head, but not so much as to need additional oil between changes.

As far as maintenance, I have always gotten the oil changed on time, but haven't done a lot otherwise. I'm wondering what maintenance I should start and continue doing now that I'm more conscious of it. For example, I've never had the transmission fluid changed. I don't know if I should do that now, because I've heard bad things about changing fluids for the first time on older transmissions.

Thanks for the help! I'm looking forward to keeping this old guy running for as long as possible.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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