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Making Audio CD's for the G6 that show the name of the song

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This might seem like a weird question but I have been using Roxio RecordNow Premier to burn CD's to play in my car. The only problem is the program is crap and crashes on most XP setups because it requires that you have some high end graphics card, which I don't understand since it's only for burning but this is what I found out from Roxio's forums themselves. Apparently, I'm not the only one using this crap program. I wanted to know if you guys (or gals) knew a program that lets you burn CD's and it actually show you the name of the song that's playing in the G6 Stereo? Only programs you have tested and know works please :) Thanks in advance.

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Hey NBX, is this the newest version or an older version. I tried to stay away from the newer version since it comes with everything and the kitchen sink but I might have to give it a try as I never have known Nero to crash a PC like the new Roxio stuff.
oh ok....I'm used to using the old Nero 6, not 7. I'll give it a shot tomorrow and I'll let you know if it did the trick for me :) Thanks

yeah NBX, that did the trick. Thanks for the info man. That helps me out alot. It's also alot easier to me to customize the title of each song that will be displayed.

But Itunes is the worse POS app in the world. It's about as bad as Windows Media Player. I just got a new 80 GB Black Ipod and I use Winamp to do anything to my ipod.
Steve S/ said:
I just stumbled into this forum and have a question about burning CD's. Does the software you are using allow the title and artist to be displayed on a audio cd, not a MP3 cd, and does the G6 radio then display that information?

Hey Steve,

Yes, when you burn a audio CD using this software it will display the name of Album and Artist of the CD when you insert the CD and then it will display the name of the song for each track. The best thing to do is do like I do since the G6 Radio only shows the name of the song when you burn CD-TEXT, once you add the mp3 files to Nero, add the name of the artist to the name of the song also. This way you will see the Artist - Name of the Song.

Hope that helps

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